「Dream catcher」 

At night, a dream keeper turns on the dream catcher. The thorny nightmare also began to shine like a Christmas ornament, sucked by a dream catcher.the donut shaped disks let the dream powder shake, and the children can sleep peacefully in the house.


Diligent tree nuts

mezzotint 12 × 12 cm  2017

Acorn's Great Spirit came to the house of the diligent workers,

It is said to bring grace.

Diligent tree nuts are very much looking forward to the festival honoring the Acorn's Great Spirit once a year.


「勤勉な木の実」mezzotint  12×12㎝ 2017



A house with a fine view

mezzotint  12×12㎝ 2017

A house rising behind the forest. it is leaning a bit.

When the wind blows, it shakes while squeaking.

A house is alive and grows up.

Sometimes a tall friend prunes to keep balance.

A tree shaped like an animal is growing near the house, teaching the direction of the wind and giving a message.

"The pupa of our neighbor's house hatched today"

「見晴らしのいい家」mezzotint  12×12㎝ 2017






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